Veronica's Place

Rebrand, Site Design

The Project

Veronica’s Place is one of the most unique places to visit when in Costa Rica˙ Located in Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, at Veronica’s Place, you can enjoy organic living, while renting out one of their charming cabinas˙ Or, you can take cooking lessons from Veronica and learn the secrets behind healthy Caribbean cooking˙ Learn to cook Jamaican patties, Rondon or plantains˙ Then sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labour˙ Truly an experience you should not miss if you’re ever in Costa Rica˙

The Visuals
Logomark ˙ Icon ˙ Welcome Booklet ˙ Coconut Oil Labeling ˙ Stationery System & Flyers ˙ Website Design

The Creative

˙ Russell Robinson 2

Veronica's Place Logo