Travel Tips
for Valencia

Here is our evolving tips list for earthlings traveling through Valencia˙ If you have something interesting to add to the list, post them in the comments˙ We’ll post the ones that are too true not to post and the ones that make us giggle a little˙

1˙Valencia is the home of national dish of Spain, paella˙ Here are a couple of places that a native Valencian recommends: Casa Carmela & Gaston˙ Did you know authentic paella is made with chicken & rabbit?

 Valencia is also home to the original Horchata˙ Horchata is the perfect cold drink for summers in Valencia˙ It is made from chufa (tiger nuts), water & sugar˙ And, you have to try this with fartons. (see #3)˙

3˙Fartons are soft, sugar glazed confectionary made for dipping into a nice, cold glass of horchata˙ Or not˙ Because they taste good on their own˙

Did you know authentic paella is made with rabbit?

4˙Get a good sense for the city of Valencia by taking the hop on/hop off touristic buses˙ These buses will weave through the city, while sharing some of its secrets in any language˙

5˙Go to Tomorrowland. Visit Valencia’s famous City of Arts and Sciences˙ Here you can see the amazing architecture, designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela˙ The City of Arts and Sciences is a cultural and architectural complex that houses L’Hemispheric, or “Eye of Knowledge”˙ L’Hemisféric is Valencia’s planetarium˙  The building also contains a laserium and IMAX theater˙ Next, is L’Oceanográfic, an open air Oceanographic park˙ Which happens to be the largest aquarium in Europe˙ For your science kicks, check out El Museu de les Ciéncies Príncipe Felipe˙ This is Valencia’s state of the art, interactive science museum˙ Here, you’ll learn about human DNA, gravity and Marvel Superheroes˙ For lovers of music and the scenic arts, visit El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia˙
*And, this site was also used for the Disney movie, Tomorrowland˙

The River without water˙ In 1957, the Turia river flooded and resulted in major property damage and 81 Valencians lost their lives˙ In response, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and other surrounding towns agreed to reroute the river and convert the old river bed into a beautiful walk and bike path for all to enjoy˙

Go to Tomorrowland! (aka The City of Arts & Sciences)

7˙Want to see a beautiful sunset? Head to Albufera and watch our closest star set above wild rice fields• *Extra Wisdom: Get there early and you may want to bring a little mosquito spray˙

8˙Get lost along the narrow streets of El Carmen, also known as the Old Neighborhood. Built in the 14th century, el barrio del Carmen is the historic center of Valencia˙ The city is bordered by two iconic towers, Torres de Serranos and Torres de Quart˙ The latter, still has cannonball holes in it!

9˙Climb up The Miguelete Tower, a 14th century gothic bell tower. Take the 207 spiral steps to hear the 10 ton church bell, that rings every hour of the day˙

One of the best times to visit Valencia is in March, from the 14th -19th˙ This is when they celebrate Las Fallas. Family, Friends, Food & Fireworks!

10˙Solve this riddle: there is a round square in Valencia˙

11˙Another cool find, is the narrowest house in Europe˙ The width of the house equals the width of a door˙

12˙Sip on mojitos, iced coffees or mango shakes from one of the chiringuitos (beach bars) while taking in some sun on the beaches of Malvarrosa or Patacona˙

13˙Set on the Patacona Beach Boardwalk, La Mas Bonita is one of the most beautiful places to have lunch by the sea in Valencia˙ From rustic sandwiches to decadent desserts, you will not be disappointed˙

14˙Vegan? Vegetarian? Have allergies? Visit the first vegetarian, 100% ecological restaurant in Valencia; second in all of Spain˙ You have to check MioBio Restaurant ˙ And, you can even take classes and learn how to prepare your own healthy meals˙ We love this place˙

15˙One of the best times to visit Valencia is in March, from the 14th -19th˙ This is when they celebrate Las Fallas˙ Family, Friends, Food & Fireworks! And, lots of them˙ This is a city-wide festival commemorating Saint Joseph˙ Each  neighborhood has an organized group of people, called casal faller˙ They hire a local artist to create amazing and elaborate monuments, called fallas˙ These monuments takes a year to create and on the last day of Saint Joseph, they burn each neighborhood monuments˙ This is something you must experience!
* Another bonus experience, is the Mascletá˙ These are fireworks without the colors, but all of the powerful sounds˙ This takes place in La Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Hall Square)˙ The Mascletá takes place everyday between March 1-19th at 2pm˙ It last only 5 minutes, but the sound will stay with you forever˙

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