Travel Tips
for Galapagos

Here is our evolving tips list for earthlings traveling through Galapagos˙ If you have something interesting to add to the list, post them in the comments˙ We’ll post the ones that are too true not to post and the ones that make us giggle a little˙

1˙ The Galapagos Islands are estimated between 3 to 10 million years old˙

2˙ Swim with sea lions in Darwin Bay on San Cristobal˙

3˙ Stroll amongst the tortoises at Rancho El Chato #2 on Santa Cruz Island˙

4˙ Have you ever been inside a tortoise shell?

Swim with sea lions in Darwin Bay on San Cristobal

5˙ Later, take a walk through tunnels created by volcanic lava flows on Santa Cruz˙

6˙ See some of the coolest iguanas alive˙ They are all black, spikes hair and they are the only lizards that swim˙

The Galapagos Penguins are the only penguins found in the tropics˙

Have you ever been inside a tortoise shell?

8˙ Take a trip to Isabela and snorkel in and around underwater lava tunnels˙

9˙ Be sure to take cash out before going to Isabela˙ There are no ATMS˙ Actually, be sure to get cash from the mainland˙ The ATM’s on the Galapagos Islands charge $6 per transaction˙ And, you can only withdraw $300 at a time˙

10˙ Snorkel and get a sneak peak at the resting White-tipped Reef sharks˙

11˙ Try corviche! It’s an amazing Ecuadorian dish made (ok, this is going to sound weird), it’s made with plantains, tuna fish, peanuts, tomato & cilantro˙ I know, it sounds crazy, but you have to try it˙ Preferably on San Cristobal˙

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