Napusamai Ayahuasca Lodges

Branding, Site Design & Marketing

The Project

While traveling through South America, we met a couple and they told us about a wonderful experience they had, trying Ayahuasca with an awesome Shaman in the Ecuadorian Amazon˙ Well, after a trip to Ecuador and three Ayahuasca ceremonies with Shaman Juan˙˙˙ we created a new logo, website and currently handle the Social Community for Napusamai on Facebook˙
Napusamai Ayahuasca Lodges represents one of the new options for people looking to experience ayahuasca; without the complications (and expense) of maneuvering  through the authentic or tourist versions flooding Peru˙

The Thinking
Renewed – After experiencing Ayahuasca at Napusamai, one of the feelings you come away with, is a feeling of being refreshed & renewed˙ And, we wanted this to be reflected in their branding˙ So we gave Napusamai a complete makeover˙ New logo, new site, new social media community and retouched photos for an added touch˙

The Visuals
Logomark ˙ Icon ˙ Tagline ˙ Social Media Branding

The Creatives
Isabel Codoñer ˙ Russell Robinson 2



To top of the process of renewing the brand of Napusamai Ayahuasca Lodges, we wanted to inject some new life into their social media platform. We have started with creating new graphics to be consistent with the site and new branding. We also have a dedicated Community Manager, that will be responsible for posting and sharing stories related to Napusamai and all things ayahuasca. Building an active online community is essential to growing any brand with a web presence today.