Freddi Jones

Logo + Package Design

The Project

Freddi Jones is a new line of luxurious, organic body & bath creams for men & women˙ With over 30 exotic scents, you will have no problem finding one perfect for you˙ The problem you will have, is finding just one˙ From Cardamon & Cinnamon to Bridal Bliss, White Pear/Green Tea to Vodka & Tonic˙ This is a project we cannot wait to bring to life˙ Keep an eye (& nose) out for Freddi Jones˙

The Thinking
Personal Luxuriousness  –  Freddi Jones is all about treating yourself like you should˙ Minimal branding, with a strong focus on the thinking behind bringing theses new scent combinations to life˙ The logo is a custom handwritten signature from the creator˙ The 4-hearted clover motif, represents the 4 layers of the Freddi Jones brand: Be Healthy,Be Different, Be Luxurious, Be You˙

The Visuals
Logo Signature˙ 4-Hearted Clover Motif ˙ Product Labeling ˙ Spa Menu

The Creatives
Kimberly Armstrong ˙ Russell Robinson 2