Ella's Cookie Co

Logo, Label + Site Design

The Project

Ella’s Cookie Co is an adorable duo of daddy & daughter that decided to take there hobby of creating delicious cookies together to create a business˙ They came to us to refresh their growing cookie empire˙

The Thinking
Old World Sweetness – New Decadence –  We wanted to blend a touch of 1920’s bakery branding with today’s graphic colors & styling˙ And, after seeing photos of how adorable Ella is, we could not resist making her the logo˙ Hand written font selection and color palette that as edible as the cookies they create˙

The Visuals
Logomark ˙ Logotype ˙ Tagline˙ Cookie Label Design ˙ Daddy & Daughter ˙ Website ˙ Logomark Variations

The Creatives
Russell Robinson 2