CKey Beauty

Logo + Social Media Branding

The Project

CKey Beauty is a Beauty & Lifestyle vlogger, with a fast growing platform on YouTube (35,000+), Instagram (11k) and Facebook (2k)˙ We have worked with her with overall branding, Social Media Branding + Consultation, Live events & created The CKey Beauty Shop, an online store for selling t-shirts and other CKey merchandise˙ We have been working together for over 2 years, where we started with around 500 subscribers on YouTube˙

The Thinking
Confidence Is Key –  CKey is an amazing personality, she is full of Life, style, inspiration and talented in a myriad of ways˙ So we wanted to represent her brand in a simple, but vibrant way˙ But still flexible enough to show off her flare for fun and fashion˙ Our solution˙˙˙ be confident, without being annoying˙ And, from our experience, simplicity, done correctly, is the best show of displaying confidence in your brand˙

The Visuals
Logotype ˙ Tagline on brand pattern ˙ Business Card Design ˙  T-Shirt Design ˙ Facebook & YouTube Headers

The Creatives
Russell Robinson 2