Logo Design

The Project

BLK SHP is a “loose guild” and movement of leading creative thinkers, writers, policy-makers, artists, entrepreneurs,investors, and social entrepreneurs˙ The mission of BLK SHP is to build and nurture ecosystems that help unlock the creativity and voices of socially conscious innovators, while providing a platform to create and disseminate cutting-edge thought leadership, art & culture, and socially influential ventures to a wider public˙

The Thinking
The original logo was, you guessed it, a black sheep˙ And, having an actual black sheep for a logo, is not a “black sheep” thing to do˙ In our first refresh of this brand, we came up with the witty idea of using a platypus as the new icon˙ Because, out of all the animals on this planet, what is more “black sheep” than the platypus˙ Well, obviously, the platypus did not win over the majority˙ Our next version, was the logo you see now˙ The thinking behind this logo, is “A Tweak in Life”˙ The “black sheep” are the people who are, and give, that little tweak in the evolution of Life˙ They take a chance to be weird and do something different˙ A lot of times, their way of seeing things are misunderstood or simply just missed˙ Other times, they are seen as genius and blaze a new path for all of us Earthlings to learn from˙
The circle icon represents a biological cell˙ The letters BLKSHP, represent the nucleotide components of DNA (GTAC)˙ Every change begins with a small tweak from the norm˙

The Visuals
Logomark ˙ Logomark on image ˙ Outlined logomark ˙  Quote ˙ Logomark w/image ˙ Embroidered logo on Hat ˙ Street posters (Domingo Robledo) ˙ Illustrated logomark (John Dessereau) ˙ BLK SHP Harold O’neal  ˙ Questlove at BLK SHP Fundraiser

The Creatives
Domingo Robledo ˙ John Dessereau ˙ Russell Robinson 2