Wine Brand Exploration

The Project


We were approached by a wine company that wanted to create a new wine label, targeted at Millennials˙ Here’s a sneak peak at what we showed in our Brand Exploration˙

The Thinking
Let’s strip the “snob” from the wine image˙ For Millennials, wine is not all about what special grape you used˙ Not about the special year it was bottled˙ It’s about sharing those special moments with your special someones˙ And, in the end, it’s just f***ing wine˙
So, we named the new wine label Bleeping Wine˙

The Visuals
Logotype ˙ Logomark/Censor strip ˙ Wine/Color System ˙  Tagline ˙ Individual Chilled Wine  ˙ Wine Bottle design ˙ T-Shirt designs ˙ Commercial Test ˙ Anti-beer Meme Campaign

The Creatives
Andrew Gura ˙ Russell Robinson 2